The mountain of Trebević (1629m) is located just above Sarajevo, which qualify the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina among rare cities in the world. Only an hour and a half divides the city center from the top of the mountain, with a majestic view on many beautiful mountains and valleys spreading all around.

Komentari Eko akcije na "Akcioni plan za smanjenje čestičnih tvari u zraku na području Kantona Sarajevo"

U priloženom dokumentu su dati komentari koje smo uputili Ministarstvu okoliša i prostornog uređenja Kantona Sarajevo na nacrt "Akcionog plana za smanjenje čestičnih tvari u zraku na području Kantona Sarajevo"

Prostorni plan Kantona Sarajevo za period od 2003. do 2023. godine

Prostorni plan Kantona Sarajevo za period od 2003. do 2023. godine

Could the sewage from Bjelasnica be the cause of pollution of Vrelo Bosne?

After sad and alarming news about the bacteria discovery in the waters of Vrelo Bosne, we headed towards Igman to try to find a place of sewage outflow taped by an anonymous climber last winter.

Bosanska bakterija svjetski rekorder?

Sensational information coming from Sarajevo "Water Supply and Sewerage": The bacterium Escherichia coli, found in the Vrelo Bosne (the spring of Bosnia river), is a world record-holder, being old 15 years now!

Hunting, fishing and logging strictly prohibited

In order to permanently protect and preserve the natural beauty of the Skakavac waterfall, the Assembly adopted a law by which this protected area is proclaimed a natural monument.

The reconstruction of the of the aquatron in Butile begins this summer

The Canton Assembly, at its session scheduled for 31 March, should adopt a decision on granting guarantees for taking loans from the World Bank for the aquatron in Butile and sewage networks.

Miljacka clean in seven years?!

You cannot pass the street without hearing citizens of Sarajevo complaining about Miljacka river getting more polluted every year. If you walk by Obala Kulina Bana or Maka Dizdara streets, you will get to see it for yourself. There are trees floating, bottles, litter, stones... all that followed by an unpleasant odour. Abid Šarić, Minister of Agriculture, says that only his Ministry has spent almost 400 000 KM in the last three years for cleaning the river.

Sarajevo’s Water Quality to be Improved with Support from the World Bank


 The World Bank Board of Executive Directors approved US$35 million in financing for the Sarajevo Waste Water Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina today. The Project will help to rehabilitate waste water infrastructure in the Canton of Sarajevo and repair and replace primary and secondary waste water transmission pipes and other network rehabilitation. The project will also support capacity building and institutional strengthening of the Sarajevo Water and Waste Water Company (VIK).


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