Kvalitet zraka u bh. gradovima, subota 6. februar u 18h

Kada je zrak NEZDRAV  moguća je pojava pojačanih simptoma kod oboljelih od plućnih bolesti, poput astme kao i pojava posljedica kod organa za disanje kod cjelokupne populacije!
Sljedeće grupe trebaju smanjiti bilo kakve fizičke aktivnosti vani: Oboljeli od plućnih ili srčanih oboljenja, trudnice, djeca i stariji.  Svi ostali trebali bi izbjegavati produžena ili veća naprezanja tokom boravka vani.

Kada je zrak NEZDRAV ZA OSJETLJIVE GRUPE: Oboljeli od bolesti organa za disanje i srca, zatim stari, trudnice i djeca trebali bi smanjiti produžena ili veća naprezanja vani. Svi ostali trebali bi ograničiti produžena ili veća naprezanja tokom boravka vani.


Igman i Bjelasnica - planine koje su pojeli skakavci

Prenosimo izvanredni tekst sa portala a4a.info o tragediji koja se upravo odvija na Igmanu i Bjelašnici i svim do sada počinjenim greškama.

Climate instability: Basic concepts and the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The natural balance of gases in the atmosphere has been significantly alerted by anthropogenic activities during the last two hundred years.  The consequence of this process is a global temperature increase with all the related effects on climate and human health.  International efforts to reduce concentrations of harmful gases in the atmosphere have been concretized in the Kyoto Protocol, which is an amendment to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as all countries in the SEE region, is a signatory of this Protocol but facing numerous difficulties in its implementation. 

Could the sewage from Bjelasnica be the cause of pollution of Vrelo Bosne?

After sad and alarming news about the bacteria discovery in the waters of Vrelo Bosne, we headed towards Igman to try to find a place of sewage outflow taped by an anonymous climber last winter.

Bosanska bakterija svjetski rekorder?

Sensational information coming from Sarajevo "Water Supply and Sewerage": The bacterium Escherichia coli, found in the Vrelo Bosne (the spring of Bosnia river), is a world record-holder, being old 15 years now!

The Perućac Lake still flooded by garbage

The Perućac Lake above Srebrenica is still filled with garbage. Waste comes from the Drina River, and for months now nothing has been done to prevent this ecological disaster.

The springtime cleaning of the town, on the occasion of Earth Day - Zavidovići 2010

Cleaning of Zavidovici and and street campaign on the occasion of Earth Day


Milan Šćekić

Refinery in Bosanski Brod rejects pollution accusations coming from Croatia

The Management of Oil Refinery in Bosanski Brod denies the accusation of air in Croatia being polluted by acitvity of the refinery plant. And while one side claim breathing polluted air coming from Bosnia, others believe the whole story to be the construct of different oil lobbies.

Hunting, fishing and logging strictly prohibited

In order to permanently protect and preserve the natural beauty of the Skakavac waterfall, the Assembly adopted a law by which this protected area is proclaimed a natural monument.

Prevent Visoko - another unpunished polluter

The stench from Prevent Leather, the factory for skin processing, stifling Visoko is the highest at the time of manipulating the "mud cake", aqueous organic waste, which is being poured out in the Bosna river.

Protected Areas


The suggested National Park Prenj-Cvrsnica-Cabulja is placed in the northern part of Herzegovina, latitude 43°21’25” – 43°43’12” and longitutde 17°25’00” – 17°58’12”. The maximum surface area of this potential National Park is 99 500 ha. The area of Prenj-Cvrsnica-Cabulja and Vran mountains (Cabulja and Vran belong to Cvrsnica masiff) is placed in the central part of Dinarides.


The suggested national park Igman-Bjelasnica-Treskavica-Visocica is placed in central Bosnia, within the Federation of BiH, latitude 43°30’05” – 43°50’03” and longitude 7°58’12” – 18°24’33”. It belongs to Sarajevski and Hercegovacko-Neretvljanski canton. The main entrance to the site is located 15 km to the southwest from Sarajevo.


This area is characterized by many endemic and relic species. Overexploitation of natural resources such as forests, over pasture, landmines and planned hydroelectric power plants threaten this unique site. The special value of this area is Štrbački buk – the unique waterfall and cascades made by joint efforts of biological, chemical and physical influences.


There are only 20 caves in the world that have over 20 underground species. By biodiversity of its underground fauna, Vjetrenica is the first in the world. It accounts for 92 described species adapted only to undersoil life not able to survive under different circumstances. there are also 6 more species in the process of scientific description.


The mountain of Trebević (1629m) is located just above Sarajevo, which qualify the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina among rare cities in the world. Only an hour and a half divides the city center from the top of the mountain, with a majestic view on many beautiful mountains and valleys spreading all around.

Vrelo Bosne

Natural monument "Vrelo Bosne" is located in the southern part of the Sarajevo valley at the foot of the mountain Igman in the municipality Ilidza. Backbone of the Natural monument "Vrelo Bosne", makes flat area that prevailed many small river sources and source of the Bosna River.


Sutjeska National Park is the oldest national park in BiH. It is founded in 1962 and covers an area of 17,250 ha.
Sutjeska River, which the park is named by, made impressive canyon in the middle of the park and separates the mountains  Zelengora, Maglic and Volujak.